Our Principles

iStock 000027687112 LargeThe north state’s water resources meet the region’s water supply for agricultural, environmental and recreational needs. These resources also provide water for exports across the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to Southern California, the Bay Area and the San Joaquin Valley. They are the foundation for water supply in the state and more needs to be done to make sure these resources continue to meet multiple and competing demands.

Climate change, increasing environmental, urban and agricultural water needs and aging infrastructure are putting enormous stress on California’s water system. The governor’s proposed Water Action Plan is an important starting point for an operational plan that ultimately must ensure water supply reliability for all regions in the state.

The North State Water Alliance is calling on California’s leaders to collaborate to further refine the Action Plan to include:

  • investment in infrastructure projects that diversify supply and increase water conservation.
  • an operational plan for the region’s reservoirs and rivers that ensures they do not go dry.
  • a unified regulatory approach for the state’s water that recognizes future climate change realities.