North State Water Alliance

The North State Water Alliance (NSWA) is a growing coalition of cities, counties, water providers, business, agriculture and community groups in Northern California. Our common geography and interests have brought us together to work closely on water issues. Our mission is to promote responsible statewide water solutions that protect the economy, environment and quality of life for the north state and for all Californians.

The Bay-Delta Conservation Plan and its Impacts on Regional Sustainability in the North State

After thoroughly reviewing the draft Bay-Delta Conservation Plan documents with legal, environmental and engineering experts, the North State Water Alliance submitted comments on the plan and associated environmental documents.

In submitting comments, the Alliance expressed their appreciation for the Governor’s efforts this year to advance a comprehensive California Water Action Plan (Action Plan). The Alliance re-affirmed their commitment to the Action Plan’s overarching goal to “meet three broad objectives: more reliable water supplies, the restoration of important species and habitat, and a more resilient, sustainably managed water resources system (water supply, water quality, flood protection, and environment) that can better withstand inevitable and unforeseen pressures in the coming decades.”

The documents also expressed concerns with the BDCP, including the proposed operations, which “pose a grave threat to our ability to serve water for various north state beneficial purposes—both now and into the future.”

Read the full cover letter and comments on Draft Bay Delta Conservation Plan, EIR/EIS, and Implementing Agreement July 28, 2014


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